The Blood Group Diet

The idea of the Blood Group Diet is to eat according to your blood group.

By eating specific foods and avoiding others, this diet is one that has allowed people all over the world to lose weight in a healthy and balanced manner.  It has also helped people to avoid negative medical conditions, feel healthier and lower the risks of putting the weight back on once they have “finished” with the diet, something very common with other fad and short term diet plans.

Celebrity Followers

There are a number of celebrities that have jumped on the Blood Group Diet bandwagon:

  • Cheryl Cole
  • Liz Hurley
  • Courtney-Cox Arquette
  • Sir Cliff Richard

As you can see, these are all big names in the world of show business.  For the most part, they all have bodies to die for, which by itself proves that this is a diet plan that potentially could work very well for you too!

How Does The Blood Group Diet Work?

The scientist behind the Blood Group Diet, Dr. Peter D’Adamo, believed that the blood group you have changes the way that your body processes certain nutrients, in the forms of stomach acid, digestive enzymes and absorbing food.

Blood Group O

According to the Blood Group Diet, a blood group O is the oldest and most common blood groups in the UK, and works best with a diet that is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, has few dairy products and includes plenty of fish and lean meat. There should also be lots of exercise in varied forms – much like a cave-man style diet and lifestyle!

Blood Group A

The the next common group in the UK is blood group A, for which an older, farmer style diet is advised. Many dairy products should be avoided and an almost vegetarian diet is considered best.  This means lots of vegetables and fruits, but less in the form of meats. Lots of nuts, pasta, cereals, beans and seeds are good for this blood group.

Blood Group B

This is one of the rarest blood groups in the UK, with only around one in ten people having blood group B.  People in this blood group have fewer restrictions when it comes to their diet, and the only foods that are really advised against are those that have been heavily processed; pretty much everything else out there, you can eat. You should also be aiming for an exercise routine that is both varied and mentally challenging.

Blood Group AB

This is another good blood group to have, as you can eat a varied mixture of the diet options that you have in the A and B blood groups separately.  This means a vegetarian diet mainly, with some meat and fish thrown in for good measure. Again, a mixture of the two different types of exercise is advised for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

What Will Happen?

You will lose weight with the Blood Group Diet, but it will take longer than most of the fad or crash diets that you may have already tried. You are cutting out entire food groups, which allows you to lose weight, but also causes the diet to have plenty of mixed reviews.  Is it really considered a healthy diet when you are cutting out vital food groups, or at least cutting down on some of the foods that you eat?