The Juice Fast Diet – Simple to Follow, Limited Choices!

In a world where celebrity “crazy” diets are in fashion and the pressure to be a size zero is higher than ever, you would expect a certain amount of fad diets to become popular.

One of the fad diets to be doing the rounds at present is the Juice Fast Diet.

With celebrity followers such as Beyonce, this is a pretty extreme diet, intended for those who want to lose a relatively large amount of weight in a relatively short period of time. It might not be completely healthy, but it does (apparently) work.

What’s the Theory?

The theory behind the Juice Fast Diet is pretty simple – by drinking a juice made up of blended fruits and vegetables, you get the necessary nutrients in order for your body to function while losing weight.  You are also clearing the body of toxins and increasing the amount of energy that you have.

What’s the Plan?

Usually lasting between one to five days, dependent on the kind of juice fast diet you are following and how long you can keep it going, you make up a selection of juices from one hundred percent fresh fruit and vegetables.

You can dilute it down with a little water from time to time, as sometimes the juices can be quite thick and not easy to drink.  You should ensure that you avoid all sugar, salts and additives, and use only organic, fresh produce as much as possible.

You should replace all of your daily meals with a juice. You are not allowed to eat anything that isn’t juice, which is why they call this the Juice Fast Diet plan.

How Does The Juice Fast Diet Work?

The Juice Fast Diet is very simple to explain – you are getting your healthy, recommended five different fruits and vegetables per day, and you are only consuming a very low amount of calories.

This obviously means that you have fewer calories to burn, so your body will start burning up the fat reserves it has, and you will lose weight, usually very quickly at first. A lot of people argue that the idea behind the fast is not to lose weight at all, but to rid of the body of environmental toxins and basically clear it out, and weight loss just happens to be an “added bonus”

The Pros

So, you’ll probably lose a lot of weight with the Juice Fast Diet. After all, you are not eating anything aside from juices made completely out of fruit and vegetables. You may also find that your body becomes completely flushed out (you may not want to go too far from a bathroom for a couple of days), and you will also find that your skin looks and feels better because of the added nutrients.

The Cons

Most likely, with any kind of Fast Diet, you will lose weight fairly quickly at first. This is not always a good thing.  After all, you are cutting out vital food groups from your diet such as protein, fats and carbohydrates.

An obvious downside is that once you have finished the fast, you more than likely will put the weight that you have lost straight back on again, if not more. This is a diet plan designed to lose a fair amount of weight before a big event, which is possibly why it has become so popular among celebrity followers.

The lack of real food content in this diet plan may leave you feeling exhausted after the initial phase of having more energy from the fresh fruits and vegetables has worn off. You may even find that you get rather bad headaches because you have withdrawn from things such as caffeine, since you are not allowed any drinks aside from water and the juice on this diet.

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