The Weight Watches Diet – Points for Pounds?

If you have ever wanted to lose weight, there is a good chance that you will already have heard of, and perhaps mulled over the idea of joining the Weight Watchers plan.

Weight Watchers is more than just a diet plan.

This diet is a community support group of sorts, for those who wish to shed those extra pounds. Weekly meetings, smart phone applications, online support and more.  Weight Watchers seems to be more than just a diet plan; it is a way of life.

Experts Say The Weight Watches Diet is The Best!

Many experts in the field of healthy living and weight loss say that this is one of the best weight loss programs available out there.

Although somewhat expensive, perhaps too expensive for some, it is more than just a diet plan. Not only will you learn how to eat properly, but you will also learn how to effectively exercise in a way that suits both your available time, as well as your body shape and/or size.  You also learn to change your life and your thoughts about food to ensure that this is a long term weight loss management plan that won’t leave you putting on a ton of weight once you have finished with it.

Can Eat, Can’t Eat

Weight Watchers doesn’t tell you what you can and cannot eat. Instead, food and drink, including alcohol, is based on a points scheme, and you are allowed so many points per day.  You eat as you normally would and drink as you normally would, in moderation, to ensure that you don’t go over your daily or weekly points total.

If you have a moment of weakness and give into that chocolate cake that you saw at the restaurant, it doesn’t matter because tomorrow you will just eat healthier. For those that love food and don’t want to sacrifice a social life, it would seem that Weight Watchers is just a perfect way to lose weight.

The Points System

All foods have a point score.

For example, an average scoop of ice cream would be around 4 points. A bottle of beer has 3 points. A slice of pizza has 9 points.

The amount of points that you are allowed per day, or per week, are determined by your gender, current weight and height, activity level and much more. For example, a 5-foot. 5-inch woman, 25 years of age and currently weighing 173 pounds with a light activity level would be allowed 20 points. This means that you could have that slice of pizza with a bottle of beer, but the rest of your daily food would have to be of a lower points score.

Don’t Forget About Exercise!

Of course, any diet plan is not complete without exercise.  At least not if you want to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner. The Weight Watchers diet plan is no different.  A lot of different exercises are advised:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • House Work
  • Cardio
  • Weight Training

You can burn calories simply by moving, so even if you do not have time to hit the gym, you can still lose weight and burn calories by dancing around with your vacuum cleaner. That is the good thing about the Weight Watchers plan – there is a simple solution for everyone regardless of circumstances.