What Makes The Raspberry Ketone Diet Different From Others?

Let’s be honest…. none of us are ready for swimwear season.

Each year we tell each other we are going to be completely prepared for summer, starting on the diet early in order to get into that size 0/6/8/10 bikini that we bought five years ago. The reason that none of us is ready is because we try such ridiculous diets that basically restrict everything we enjoy and cut the foods we like out of our diets. This is never going to work.  We need to stop being silly now!

Apparently, there is a new diet out there. This diet is different though, because it is based on a food! Raspberries are apparently the new diet food of choice because of one thing – raspberry ketones.

What’s the Story?

According to studies, raspberries contain ketones which are used in the body to reduce fat. Apparently, these ketones target areas of fat within the body and persuade your brain to encourage fat reduction and burning in those areas.  Instead of burning off carbs or other things in your body, your fat stores are used as a source of energy.

Capsicum is another thing that is often used in diets for the same reason, but scientific studies have shown that the ketones found in raspberries are actually more effective at burning off the areas of fat storage than capsicum. It’s also rather spicy too, so a lot of people find that they suffer with heartburn when they use it; another reason why raspberries take the lead. You do have to consume a large amount of either of these things in order to see any result, and honestly, we would rather eat a bowl of raspberries than a bowl of scorching hot peppers.  It just makes sense!

What Are The Ketones?

So, what are these ketone-things then? In all honesty, they are what give the raspberries their beautiful fruity taste. Aside from that, because that is not what we are focusing on right now, they help the body to release a bunch of hormones that help with the metabolism of fats within the body. On top of that, they have also been shown to increase the amount of energy that is released, so those eating them usually find that they are more energy-filled for a period of time afterwards. This means that you should turn to raspberries instead of drinking a cup of coffee during the day when you are feeling lethargic, as you will not suffer from the post-caffeine crash as you usually would.

How Do They Work?

So, we now know what ketones are, so how about a look at what they actually do in the body. We have already mentioned that they are important for burning fat, but how? Well, they help to cut the cells that are within the body, allowing the release of little bits of stored fat directly into the bloodstream. This fat is then used as energy within the body. As well as this, the ketones found in raspberries stop the fat within the body from being absorbed by the liver.  In short, the body burns off fat and on top of that, doesn’t store any of the other fat that you add to the mix, which basically means you are going to lose fat and thus, weight!

Are There Any Side Effects?

Whenever you try a new weight loss product or food, you want to make sure that they do not have any adverse side effects. Thankfully, raspberries, and the ketones found within them, have no bad side effects. You don’t get the usual side effects that you would find in caffeinated products, making them perfectly safe to use in your weight loss quest!

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