Get a Herculean Chest with these Chest Exercises

Chest exercises are everyone favourite. You see everyone spending hours in the gym working on their pectorals from all possible angles. However, very few have much to show for their efforts. Women for some reason shun weight training and in particular chest exercises except for a few modified push ups done in the classes.

The pectoral muscles are a huge chunk of muscle in front of your rib cage. They not only add to your vanity and posture but play a very important role in the integrity of the shoulder girdle. Thus most upper body strength comes from the chest in addition to back and shoulders. Thus, working your pecs using proper chest exercises is important.

There are loads of different chest exercises. You will be spoilt for choice if you were to pick from the plethora of chest exercises available. However, I have outlined a few below. These will definitely give you a full look in the muscle if you are a man and tone you up if you are a woman.

  • Press ups: these are one of my favourite of the chest exercises. Although when people reach an intermediate stage, they tend to lose interest in these, I reckon, they should be a part of everyone’s workout. With palms close to your chest at mid chest level, pushing yourself back up to the start position in what constitutes a press up. Women can try these with knees on the floor.
  • Many variations of this chest exercise have been devised by fitness gurus. The key is to practice certain till you reach a certain level (in terms of reps) and then move on to other types). On getting real strong, you can also try weighted press ups.

  • Flat bench press: is everyone’s favourite of all chest exercises! It is a good exercise for getting strong and packing on muscle. However, I would still recommend the press ups for overall development. Lying on the bench, hold the bar with a grip which is slightly more than shoulder width. Lower the bar to the level of your lower chest and press back up. Use of a spotter is always a good idea if you are using heavy weights.

    For some odd reason, women do not seem to do barbell bench presses. I have also not seen too many personal trainers recommend these. It is indeed a shame since these ladies are missing out a lot by doing this great chest exercise.

  • Dumbbell flys: is a more complex chest exercise compared to the press up and bench press. However, if you keep the word ‘bear hug’ in mind, you will get it easy.
  • Grab hold of a pair of dumbbells. Lying on a flat or incline bench, hold the dumbbell in outstretched arms so that your arms exactly vertical. Now, lower the dumbbells on either side so that they are just below the level of your shoulders and then pull them back up. Of all chest exercises, this one is more efficient at stretching your pecs and thus stressing the muscle in a different way.

    As stated earlier, there are numerous other chest exercises. However, the ones that I have outlined above are the ‘grand-daddy’ of chest exercises and will surely help you get massive or toned up.

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