Meratol and Weight Loss…

When I first came across Meratol’s website, the initial thing that hit me was the big bold red lettering at the top with its claims of being a Multi Ingredient Diet Formula.

Then my eyes fell on its big bold gray boasting that Meratol helps Increase Metabolism, Alertness, Exercise Endurance, Reduce Fatigue.

I imagined if these words were people, they’d be cheerleaders.

Just below those words, there are logos for the Daily Mail newspaper and breakfast shows GMTV and Daybreak. There’s nothing next to the logos, so I was left to speculate that perhaps Meratol has their backing – perhaps it was given a positive review. After all, if it was a negative review, I doubt Meratol would publicise it that prominently on its webpage.

Meratol and reality TV star Lauren Goodger…

I’m drawn to the video of Lauren Goodger, least of all because it comes on automatically when you visit the site. Some of you may recognise her from the reality TV show, The Only Way is Essex. She apparently lost weight by using Meratol.

The video starts off with her modelling in a range of wear for a photo shoot. Then she mentions her desire to lose weight came about because she wanted to feel more confident.

There’s the widely held belief that being on TV makes you look bigger than you actually are. Lauren felt that way about her body, which was another driving factor in her wanting to shed some pounds.

It’s not clear from the video how much she actually lost but she mentions she’s “now a comfortable size 10”.

She’s shown posing with a container of Meratol in her hand. “The best thing about losing weight I found, obviously using Meratol helped me, and I feel a lot confident in my bikini”. She says she doesn’t feel as self-conscious walking around in one.

She advised that fad diets don’t work in the long-term (she’s been there). But that Meratol “does help because it sort of gives you that extra little bit of boost, sort of helps with your weight loss – it’s nothing dramatic – it’s quite a natural way of doing it, so it’s definitely worked for me”.

But how much did you lose Lauren dear? How much?

Yes, finally at 1.45, she mentions she lost a stone! click here to watch the Lauren Goodger’s video

Diet. Exercise. Meratol.

Lauren took Meratol in addition to exercising and watching what she ate. That’s what’s recommended. The product is said to help suppress the appetite while helping burn more calories during exercise. So it’s really an enhancer rather than a complete solution to losing weight.

Ingredients and Their Effects…

Meratol says its ingredients are backed up by three clinical studies:

  • Cacti-Nea (cactus extract): apparently found to have a diuretic effect and help weight control.
  • ID-alG (brown seaweed extract): Meratol concluded its effects aided in “weight-control, reduction of fat storage/ body fat mass, caloric intake control”.
  • Capsaicinoids and red pepper: “increases both diet induced thermogenesis and lipid oxidation”. Erm, what does that actually mean? Upon further research (hello, Wikipedia), capsaicinoids are commonly found in chilli peppers and has the effect of increasing energy in the body and suppressing the appetite.

(p.s.: Meratol also contains prickly pear and caffeine)

Media Attention…

Meratol lists the “lots of” positive media attention it has received. You be the judge.

  • The video of Laura Goodger endorsing Meratol.
  • Bella Magazine recommends Meratol as a metabolism booster.
  • The Daily Mail: there’s an image of an article on The Daily Mail’s website (Mail Online) about how Lauren Goodger lost weight with Meratol. The article doesn’t necessarily endorse or disapprove of the product, but presents things from Lauren’s experience. Fabulous Magazine and New Magazine seem to present their articles in a similar way to Mail Online.
  • GMTV: Dr Chris regularly appears on GMTV’s This Morning. It looks like he also does a weekly column on health in Woman Magazine. It perhaps would have been more accurate for Meratol to put a Woman Magazine logo at the top of their homepage rather than a GMTV one. Dr Chris doesn’t mention Meratol in the body of his column, but he does list it as one of five diet pills on offer.
  • The Daybreak logo on Meratol’s homepage doesn’t appear to refer to anything on this page.


There are nine testimonials on Meratol’s site. J. Chambers lost a stone. A Walker lost two stones. J. Graham lost half a stone. R. O’Neil lost 25lbs (just over 2 stones) in 3 months while T. Patrick lost a whopping 32lbs in 11 weeks. A couple of them reported having more energy.

Other testimonials…

We can’t solely rely on the glowing testimonials on Meratol’s site. Venture beyond it we must. On TopSlimmingPills, JJ felt Meratol made little difference to him/her despite eating healthy and exercising. Slight difference in appetite but that was about it. R. Slater lost two-and-a-half stones in 8 months with Meratol and a balanced diet. Didn’t include exercise due to an injury. J. Tunstall tried two lots of the product and didn’t lose weight.

On Amazon UK, Meratol’s been rated 2.5 stars out of a possible 5. Julier, Greg, kizzy and P.A. Anderson didn’t seem to lose anything. There are also a couple of the same comments from TopSlimming (R. Slater, J. Tunstall).

Charlotte J on Netmums’s forum lost 3lbs by her third day of taking Meratol. Her appetite was under control. In all, she lost over 10lbs. But then she started putting on weight and she hadn’t changed anything whatsoever.

So she stopped taking Meratol and lost a bit of weight. Then she decided to go back on it and she put on weight. At which point she stopped taking it altogether.

How much is Meratol?

Available here:

It’s £34.99 for a month’s supply, £69.98 for 2 months — but if you buy 3 months’ worth, there’s a 20% discount, so you pay £83.99 instead of £104.97.

If you buy 4 months’ worth, it costs you £97.99 instead of £139.96, plus they add one month’s supply on top for free and you get free shipping.

Recommended dose…

Take two tablets every morning before you have your breakfast.

Not suitable for…

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, avoid Meratol. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, also avoid as it contains gelatine.

Please consult your doctor if…

If you have a heart condition, are pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor first.

So does Meratol work?

It would seem Meratol does work for some people, the most popular of them being The Only Way is Essex’s Lauren Goodger. Bella magazine is a well-known women’s magazine and they seemed to back it as a metabolism booster. But, on the other hand, there are people it hasn’t made much of a difference to, so bear that in mind too.

Whether it’ll actually work for you – who knows??? It could go either way as you can see.



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