Foods That Will Help Control Your Hunger Levels

When we look at people that are overweight, we usually think –“Wow!  I bet they have huge dinners!”

or maybe “Stop eating pie!”, or something similar and every bit as cruel.  Before you try to say you don’t do this, remember we all do it from time to time, even at ourselves!

The thing is that people do not generally become overweight because they eat HUGE portions at dinner time. It is because they eat too much throughout the day and don’t exercise enough to burn it off. Snacks are the worst – think about how many calories are in that candy bar or in that packet of crisps!

Thankfully, there are a vast number of foods and beverages that will actually help you to curb your snacking cravings, so perhaps it is time to make a few substitutions?


This is one of the best things that you can drink in order to curb those cravings.

Think about it logically; if you fill your tummy up with lots of good cold water, you are not going to want to reach for the candy.

It has been shown in studies that if you have a glass of water a little while before you have a meal, you are less likely to eat as much as you would if you hadn’t drank the water beforehand. This means you will be consuming fewer calories, which in turn means weight loss. All from drinking a glass of water before you eat.

Our brains have a nasty habit of thinking we are hungry when we are just dehydrated, so why not have a glass of water before you reach for the snacks and see if you still feel hungry afterwards?


If you start to snack on foods that have a lot of fibre in them, or opt for meals that have a healthy portion of fibre rich foods within them, you are going to fill yourself up for a while, which generally means less snacking in between meals.

There are a few foods that you can choose from if you want to incorporate more fibre into your diet – cabbage, celery, fresh spinach…

The other GREAT thing about foods such as these is that they actually take a lot of energy to digest them, which almost makes them negative calorie foods! You simply cannot eat too many of them!

Try a Smoothie!

The smoothie was a great invention and the person behind them should be thoroughly congratulated.

Try making a smoothie with natural yoghurt, soy milk and lots of different vegetables and fruits.  Not only do you get a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables in one glass, but you also get a whole whack of nutrients from the healthy foods.

You get a load of benefits from a good smoothie and you stay full up for AGES!


We have all heard the age old saying – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Well, it would appear that this is actually the truth. Not only does an apple contain fibre (see above point 2), but the fruit contains lots of water (see above point 1), which means a double whammy for weight loss!